We are building Stonewall University--
 one online purchase at a time.

Will you help? 

Stonewall University is the nation's first institution of higher education for sexual minority youth and our allies.  After 15 years of planning, Stonewall University was founded in 2012 as a domestic nonprofit corporation in the State of Oregon.  We need your help to build its campus. 
Here's why: 
Did you know 20% of homeless youth are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender? 
According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender homeless youth complete suicide at a significantly higher rate (62%) than non-LGBT homeless youth (29%).  The (nonpartisan) National Alliance to End Homelessness reported, "The major reasons homeless youth cite for remaining homeless include lack of affordable housing options, incomplete education, inaccessible job market, and on-going drug use" (emphasis added). 
All of these problems can be addressed with a GLBTQ university modeled after historically black colleges and historically women's colleges.

How you can help.
Please make all your online purchases through glbtbookstore.com.  Here's how it works:

GLBT Books has become an independent affiliate of Amazon.com.  As an affiliate of Amazon.com, every purchase made through this website earns up to an 8.5% commission.  One hundred percent (100%) of all commissions go directly to Stonewall University.  GLBT Books's operating costs are acquired through donations and fundraising events, with all proceeds above operating costs going to Stonewall University.  (In fact, already a very generous benefactor has committed to making a seven-figure donation after he passes.) 

One of the great economic transitions in our era is the increasing number of consumers making online purchases, quite possibly including you.  Internet Retailer cited eMarketer in reporting that the number of consumers making online purchases is expected to increase to over 200 million by 2015.  If just one million people make online purchases of $100 per year, Stonewall University will earn the millions needed to buy land and begin building the brick-and-mortar structures that will BUILD OUR FUTURE.

A single purchase may not seem like much, just as a drop of water may appear rather inconsequential on its own.  However, collectively each sale is another drop that swells with others to become a powerful sea of change that will save lives and build our future